This is one of the most important aspects of the Paralelo event. Over the next few weeks we hope to generate thoughts/questions/issues to reflect on for further discussion before and during the event itself. We hope to encourage dialogue, reflection, opinion, case studies and feedback. We wish to see if this process will enhance the quality of discussion when we eventually meet and we will evaluate its effectiveness as part of the overall assessment.

We also invite you to work with us in the forthcoming days to build a bibliography, resource list, series of links and recommended papers/publications/websites etc which can help to ensure knowledge and ideas exchange in advance and which will potentially lay the ground for future collaborations. // and other resources

One key research area is reflection on the complexity of issues emerging at the intersection between technological and environmental concerns
We suggest that Parelo can provide a missing point of critical focus to explore and collectively examine an emergent field of practice which is often dispersed and disparate.

We invite participants to describe their engagement with this field and to reflect on and propose ways to address this complexity.

How are you currently working?

What is the critical language and context which you use and which informs your work?

How might you develop this further?

What room is there for collaboration and cooperation across differing fields of knowledge - how might we encourage this exchange?
If there is funding available in future for cooperation and collaboration in terms of practice and research what would be the priority areas and how might an event such as this best inform and influence such developments? How important is early stage dialogue to underpin future work?

Might we seed some projects at Paralelo which can take forward knowledge exchanged at this event?
How might future projects be supported?
Do you have ideas to help others which you might share?

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