Participants & Organisers

Participants will include artists, designers, scientists and researchers nominated by the convenors and lead organisations in Brazil, the Netherlands and the UK - the British Council in Brazil and London, the Museum of Image and Sound, Sao Paulo; Virtueel Platform, Amsterdam; IICE at Goldsmiths College, London,IDE at the RCA in London; Gisela Domschke independent curator in Brazil and Bronac Ferran, in London.

Paralelo is supported by AHRC, British Council, Mondriaan Foundation and Virtueel Platform.

Participants List
Could participants please update their info & include a short bio or website address (following the partcipants list) but use Projects page for more detail. If you mention any websites you can use the tools above to make this live and then also please put into links section - see further in.

Alice Angus / Proboscis London (UK)
Lucas Bambozzi / art mov, Belo Horizonte and Sao Paulo (BR)
Katherine E. Bash / Itinerant Laboratory for Perceptual Inquiry
and Bartlett School of Architecture, University College London (UK)
Marcus Bastos - PUC-SP / (BR)
Giselle Beiguelman / Prêmio Sergio Motta de Arte e Tecnologia/ PUC-SP (BR)
Daniela Bousso (BR)
Karla Brunet/ Federal University of Bahia (BR)
Sandro Canavezzi (BR)
Wapke Feenstra (NL) / myvillages (UK/D/NL)
Felipe Fonseca / metareciclagem, Ubatuba (BR)
Alexandre Freire / des).(centro artist and researcher 100Linhas Lab, Bonete (BR)
Rombout Frieling / Royal College of Art, London (UK/NL)
Marcelo Godoy / Mobilefest, Sao Paulo (BR)
Paulo Hartmann / Mobilefest, Sao Paulo (BR)
Ivan Henriques [] / Rio de Janeiro (BR)
Rachel Jacobs / Active Ingredient Nottingham(UK)
Rob La Frenais / Arts Catalyst London (UK)
Giles Lane / Proboscis London (UK)
Silvia Leal [] /(BR/UK)
Afonso Luz (DF)
Tapio Makela / University of Salford [] (UK/FI)
Luna Maurer / Conditional Design (NL/D)
Koert van Mensvoort / Next Nature (NL)
Ricardo Palmieri (BR)
Edo Paulus / Conditional Design (NL)page name
Esther Polak (NL)
Potira Preiss (BR) Rede Gaia Brasil Gaia Education
Dominic Price / Mixed Reality Lab, University of Nottingham (UK)
Jane Prophet / Goldsmiths London (UK) /
Marcelo Rezende (BR)
Cicero Silva / Software Studies/CRCA, Sao Paulo (BR)
Claudio Rivera-Seguel (Cl-Ca)
VJ Spetto / Sao Paulo (BR)
Rejane Spitz / PUC, Rio de Janeiro (BR)
Camila Sposati(BR)
Mike Stubbs / FACT Liverpool (UK)
Calvin Taylor / University of Leeds (UK)
James Wallbank / Access Space, Sheffield (UK)
Eduardo Verderame (BR)/EIA(Experiência Imersiva Ambiental / . [*
Marcelo Rezende (BR)
Flavia Vivacqua / Nexo Cultural / a partir de São Paulo (BR)
Matt Watkins / Active Ingredient Nottingham (UK)
Orlagh Woods / Proboscis London (UK)
Laymert Garcia dos Santos / Unicamp (BR)
Analívia Cordeiro (BR)
Martin Grossmann / CCSP and Forum Permanente (BR)
Susan Amor / Arts and Humanities Research Council (UK)
José Geraldo de Souza (BR)
Marcelo Bressanin (SP)
Gisela Domschke (SP)
Roberta Mahfuz (SP)
Taco Stolk (NL)
Annette Wolfsberger (NL/AT)
Bronac Ferran (UK)
Sian Prime (UK)

Organising Team:
Marcelo Bressanin / Museum of Image and Sound (BR)
Gisela Domschke / IED and Independent, Sao Paulo (BR)
Bronac Ferran / RCA and Independent, London (UK)[]
Karen Halley / British Council (BR)
Roberta Mahfuz / British Council (BR)
Sian Prime / Independent & part-time at Goldsmiths College, London (UK)
Liliane Rebello / British Council (BR)
Annette Wolfsberger / Virtueel Platform (NL)
Louise Wright / British Council (UK)

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