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Dear all
Brasil seems a long time ago…but this this is my personal invitation to those of you that can get to Liverpool on May 9
it would be great to build some continuity between our discussions,
best wishes

Mike Stubbs

UNsustainable UNconference (May 9, 12.00pm, free admission, FACT relies on the knowledge of its audience-participants as the core programme.

A Manifesto for Change

An unconference is a participant driven face-to-face conference that sets its own agenda and facilities inclusive debate.

The UNsustainable UNconference comes out of FACT's response to the city's Year of Environment, and the urgent need to have a forum to advance the ecology and dialogue around the sustainability of society. Held alongside our first project that explores this question, Climate for Change, the UNconference invites communities of interest who have been engaged in this project and who are operating through self-organising networks and alternative models of both capital and cultural production.

During the course of the debate the participants will generate a Manifesto for Change; drafted by multiple authors, looking at envisaging and identifying the principles to adhere to, to live in a more sustainable world. A People's Plan rather than a Master Plan.

There will be invited experts, consultants who are participating in civic discourse on social change and climate change, and all are are invited to contribute -

Social Innovation Camp

SOCIAL INNOVATION CAMP is an experiment in using social technology for social change
Operating in the UK and I hear it may be in Brazil soon.

'Toilet row' lowers space morale
Cosmonauts on the ISS say they are no longer permitted to use US facilities
The International Space Station, once a place where astronauts would share food and facilities, is said to be embroiled in a Cold War-like stand-off.//

10 Commandments for the 21st Century is an artwork by Tea Mäkipää, Commissioned by Sharjah Biennial 8 – 2007
"The aim of the project is to evoke discussion, and to appeal to viewer's personal feeling of responsibility on the level of daily life and choices. The second aim is to relieve the confusion and frustration of facing ecological issues, by making the choices very simple. The project refers to current technical solutions, instead of better ideas and practices of the future. The artwork is non-commercial, trying to be accessible to people of any culture, age, religion or social status."

Agência de Desenho Cultural e Sustentabilidade

An event about Artists and Scientists who work/think/imagine/engage at the intersections of the Arts and Science
Chaired by Piero Scaruffi (moc.iffuracs|p#moc.iffuracs|p)
Part of a series of cultural events
Sponsored by: ZKM|Center for Art and Media

Arco, arte e sustentabilidade
artigo de PAULA ALZUGARAY, março 2008 - International Festival of Mobile Art

Arts & Ecology Blog

The Arts and Humanities Research Council
supports research that furthers our understanding of human culture and creativity

The Arts Catalyst, a science and art agency which argues for and sets up genuine collaborations between artists and scientists

A travelling archive, it contains information about art projects in the rural context and can be folded out to reveal a small presentation

Brazil: A Natural Knowledge Economy
author Kirsten Bound, downloadable under creative commons license from

Brazilian network of R&D projects

a research and development agency working nationally and internationally 'in the spaces between' art, design, ecology, science, technology, law and policy

A distributed network for global and local development of generic infrastructures incrementally developed by communities

Climate for Change at FACT expo

see also:
FACT (Foundation for Art and Creative Technology)

Centro Cultural São Paulo
(Paralelo's venue)

CODE: Chances and Obstacles in the Digital Ecology
At the conference CODE: Collaboration and Ownership in the Digital Economy, conceptual sophistication rubbed shoulders with aesthetic primitivism. Florian Cramer reports on the highs and lows.

Centro Tecnologia e Sociedade FGV

CORO - Coletivos em rede e organizações

Cradle to Cradle: remaking the way we think our things
William McDonough's book, written with his colleague, the German chemist Michael Braungart, is a manifesto calling for the transformation of human industry through ecologically intelligent design. Through historical sketches on the roots of the industrial revolution; commentary on science, nature and society; descriptions of key design principles; and compelling examples of innovative products and business strategies already reshaping the marketplace, McDonough and Braungart make the case that an industrial system that "takes, makes and wastes" can become a creator of goods and services that generate ecological, social and economic value.

see also:
Six Creative Upcycling Projects

Cumbria Institute of the Arts landscape and environmental arts research** initiatives. CLEAR has one specific aim - to explore and promote ow the arts can contribute to our understanding of landscape and the environment. It sees its work as part of a growing new research culture whose disciplines are drawn from the humanities and sciences. It suggests that this development promises a more coherent consideration of what has been until now discrete areas of knowledge and research.[]

Earth Hour
Saturday, 28 march 2009

Edwin Datschefski's website
Edwin has a lot of knowledge and generosity. BioThinking means looking at the world as a single system, and developing new ecology-derived techniques for industrial, organisational and sustainable design

Appealing ideas are often simple: how much of a letter can be removed while maintaining readability? After extensive testing with all kinds of shapes, the best results were achieved using small circles.

Flavia Vivacqua's website

FORA TV - Technology and Environment
interviews worth watching including Sun Microsystems co-founder, Bill Joy who call for disruptive thinking in physics, chemistry, and biology, arguing that only new technologies can reduce global warming. 'The software has improvedon the hardest problems more than the hardware in the past 20 years' and more at

From Practice to Policy: Towards a European Media Culture

The Global Artists’ Diaspora and the LambdaRail
Leonardo Vol. 39, Issue 5 (2006)

Good Copy Bad Copy
a documentary about the current state of copyright and culture

Greener living fund
Defra has launched a new fund to promote greener living. Over £6 million is being made available to support both projects and programmes by national delivery partners between November 2008 and March 2011.

HeHe Group

Incubated by Creative Commons, iCommons is an organisation with a broad vision to develop a united global commons front by collaborating with open education, access to knowledge, free software, open access publishing and free culture communities around the world.

Information Ecology
Felix Stalder´s article on how "information ecology aims at understanding the properties of this environment in order to use its potential, avoid its dangers and influence its development positively"

Itinerant Laboratory for Perceptual Inquiry
Fosters interdisciplinary collaborations and aesthetic practice through the empirical inquiry of language, memory, phenomena and perception.

Land That Could Be: Environmentalism and Democracy in the Twenty-First Century
In this book environmentalist and lawyer William Shutkin describes a new kind of environmental and social activism spreading across the nation, one that joins the pursuit of environmental quality with that of civic health and sustainable local economies. In the face of challenges posed by often corrosive market forces and widespread social disaffection, this civic environmentalism is creating nothing less than a new public discourse and dynamic social vision grounded in environmental action.

Lidec: Laboratório de Inclusão Digital e Educação Comunitária

Lixo Eletrônico
Este blog tem por objetivo agregar referências e informações sobre a questão do Lixo Eletrônico no Brasil e no mundo

Lottolab studio
creates public installations, performances and educational programmes

Manifesto Antropofago
by O. de Andrade, in Revista de Antropofagia n.1, 1928, Sao Paulo

Digitofagia Cookbook

Energy Conservation - National Geographic Report
By Peter Miller / Photography by Tyrone Turner

Not long ago, my wife, PJ, and I tried a new diet—not to lose a little weight but to answer a nagging question about climate change. Scientists have reported recently that the world is heating up even faster than predicted only a few years ago, and that the consequences could be severe if we don't keep reducing emissions of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases that are trapping heat in our atmosphere. But what can we do about it as individuals? And as emissions from China, India, and other developing nations skyrocket, will our efforts really make any difference?

Manufactured Landscapes. Film made by Edward Burtynsky that focuses on man's impact on the landscape - bringing back' from the margins of consciousness' (featuring for eg man's imposition of mercury onto landscape of China).

An open network spread in different parts of Brasil (and beyond). Its members carry out in a de-centralized fashion dozens of projects and actions regarding the appropriation of technology and media production as a participative methodology for education, social engagement and innovation. We have contributed to establishing nearly a dozen autonomous low-tech labs and some government funded projects.

Metrópolis - Frans Karjcberg
matéria no programa da TV Cultura sobre a exposição "Frans Krajcberg: Natura", com leitura de trecho do Manifesto do Rio Negro por Cristiane Torloni e entrevista em que Felipe Chaimovich ressalta o lugar pioneiro do artista polônes radicado no Brasil na relação entre arte e ecologia

MOBILEFEST - International Festival of Mobile Art and Creativity
Transdiciplinar mobile and wireless festival based in Brazil

Metrópolis - III Mobilefest 2008
matéria no programa Vitrine da TV Cultura sobre o III Mobilefest 2008

Jornal Nacional - III Mobilefest 2008
matéria no telejornal - Jornal Nacional, TV Globo sobre o III Mobilefest 2008,,MUL863808-10406,00-CELULAR+PODE+AJUDAR+A+MELHORAR+QUALIDADE+DE+VIDA.html

Museu da Imagem e do Som, São Paulo
(Paralelo's venue)

An international artist initiative, founded in 2003 by Kathrin Böhm (Ger/UK), Wapke Feenstra (NL) and Antje Schiffers (D). Our interest is the rural as a space for and of cultural production.

Mundo Aquecido
Conforme José Augusto Pádua em resenha no Mais! de 15 de março de 2009, o livro "Seis Graus adverte que ações contra o aquecimento global são urgentes e necessitam de medidas sérias de governos e sociedade"

Open Business - Let's Share Business Models

This paper, more than presenting a case study, tries to outline the context in which groups related to digital and electronic culture, and the ideology that surrounds them, organized to influence programs of the Brazilian Ministry of Culture. A brief overview of the history of Free and Open Source Software (FLOSS) adoption in the Brazilian Government is necessary, even though we are aware that when this publication is out everything may have changed. Further, we present the story of the "Pontos de Cultura" (Cultural Hotspots) project, more than simple governmental action, it aims to reach geographic and social boundaries of Brazil with an integrated strategy of generating autonomy, sustainability, and network action, based on fomenting media production and free collaborative culture.

PLAYPOWER: US$ 10 computer

Resistência Gráfica Pacífica

Proboscis website

PureData Festival Sao Paulo

A Radical Intervention: The Brazilian Contribution to the International Electronic Art Movement
Leonardo Online Special Project, Guest Edited by Eduardo Kac

see also:
The Brazilian Art and Technology Experience: A Chronological List of Artistic Experiments with Technosciences in Brazil

Gilberto Gil: the tropicalist voice for an open digital culture

Collaborative and Transdisciplinary practices in Cyberart: from Multimedia to Software
Art installations

by Diana Domingues and Eliseo Reategui

Red Latinoamericana de Arte, Ciencia y Tecnologí­a

[re]design is a social enterprise that propagates sustainable actions through design

Repackaging Nature:An Interview with Philip Ross
It's easy to see Philip Ross as a recent embodiment of an age-old spirit of inquiry, where aesthetics, personal discovery, and scientific knowledge are linked, and all seem to tap into the fertile edges of local industry. In San Francisco that means computing and biotechnology, and Ross's work makes use of both. The transplanted New Yorker has a body of artwork that centers around human interaction with biological materials like fungus, plants, and mollusks. Ross was also curator of the BioTechnique exhibit at Yerba Buena Center for the Arts, and frequently teaches classes and gives lectures, such as one he delivered December 2 to amateur mycologists at the Oakland Museum of California. His current projects include a long-term effort to grow a large building out of mushrooms, and a new, ongoing salon ("Critter") at the Studio for Urban Projects, a unique cultural center opened in 2008 by Alison Sant and Marina MacDougal. Ross describes the studio as "a collective of collectives," with about five or six contributing programmers, all similarly interested in ecology, education, technology and other related fields. — John Alderman

Festival cultural independente e gratuito que desde 2004 conecta os principais coletivos de arte, artistas, produtores culturais, pesquisadores, ativistas e pensadores de diferentes regiões do país e do exterior

RSA Arts and Ecology website

Santa Marta community in Rio gets free broadband wireless access,,OI3616172-EI4802,00.html

Make moving image works which reveal our physical world in flux; cities in motion, shifting landscapes and systems in chaos. Since 1999 UK artists Ruth Jarman and Joe Gerhardt have worked with digital animation to transcend the constraints of time, scale and natural forces; they explore the world beyond human experience, questioning our very existence

SuperFund - a site a day
Each day for a year, starting on September 1, 2007, Superfund365 visited one toxic site in the Superfund program run by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). We began the journey in the New York City area and worked our way across the country, ending the year in Hawaii. Today the archive consists of 365 visualizations of some of the worst toxic sites in the U.S., roughly a quarter of the total number on the Superfund's National Priorities List (NPL). Along the way, we wrote an email update with highlights and conducted video interviews.

Terra Una
Espaço multifuncional que une moradia, arte, educação, e ecologia

Tiffany Holmes' website
Associate Professor of Art and Technology Studies

annual festival concerning the role of digital technologies in contemporary society

Uncommon Ground: New culture of collaboration

A growing tree-archive on the Internet showing trees in the streets in the Dutch city of Tilburg. The database grows through participation by the neighbourhood. (Dutch)

A new initiative. we20 is a place where you can organise meetings of minds and make plans for your future.
we20 was inspired as a public initiative to run alongside the G20, creating a bridge between the G20 leaders and you. The current objective for we20 plans is around finding short and long term solutions to the global economic crisis. we20 is an independent and neutral place.

Wild Nature and the Digital Life
Leonardo Electronic Almanac "Wild Nature and Digital Life" Special Edition edited by Dene Grigar and Sue Thomas

The FILE Labo is a free territory for creation and invention; an independent and collaborative network for the development of art, science and technology, located in São Paulo, at the SESI Vila Leopoldina Cultural Center, and devised under a platform of collaboration among creators and professionals of different areas. There, you will find collaborators from technical, theoretical, and political-cultural areas, who will follow and support the development of your proposal.

Software Studies Initiative Brazil
Software Studies is a new research field for intellectual inquiry that is now just beginning to emerge. The very first book that has this term in its title was published by The MIT Press in June 2008 (Matthew Fuller, ed., Software Studies: A Lexicon). In August 2008 The MIT Press approved Software Studies book series, with Matthew Fuller, Noah Wardrip-Fruin and Lev Manovich as editors.

The Software Studies Initiative intends to play the key role in establishing this new field. The competed projects will become the models of how to effectively study “software society.” Through workshops, publications, and lectures conducted at UCSD and disseminated via the web and in hard copy publications, we will disseminate the broad vision of software studies. That is, we think of software as a layer that permeates all areas of contemporary societies. Therefore, if we want to understand contemporary techniques of control, communication, representation, simulation, analysis, decision-making, memory, vision, writing, and interaction, our analysis can't be complete until we consider this software layer. By being the very first center of its kind, The UCSD Software Studies Initiative has the unique opportunity to shape how this software layer will be understood and studied by other universities, programs, and centers in years to come.

see also
the Digiwild LEAD (Leonardo Electronic Almanac Discussion)

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