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Annette: I have uploaded a broad selection of pictures. Up to you to upload more!

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From Bronac: I had a good conversation (with Mike - see below) on the bus last night about deep (and deeper) ecology. I'd like to find some time to discuss this way of approaching the world…..and its co-inhabitants.

Discussion points raised in the panel
LOCATION & INVOLVEMENT: research collaboration, publics & ecologies

Tapio: Is it necessary to be critical of addressing ecology as metaphor or structure vis a vis ecology as an organic, threatened living environment that we are part of?
James: Can we in the UK learn from the informality and social innovation in Brasil or is it more important for us to be formal?
Wapke: How to mediate between micro level and more abstract macro level about conceptual art with publics?
Rejane: If artists and designers are responsible for creating awareness, engagement, as well as provoking response, would that not be too much of a responsibility?
Rachel, Matt, Dominic: How can we begin to engage the wider public in work created in the artistic domain?
Mike: How to create multiple entry points and to talk to specialist and non-specialist audiences and participants and to construct community leadership?

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