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PARALELO was a unique five day project - workshops, symposia and live events - supported and organised by the British Council in Brasil and the UK, hosted by the Museum of Image and Sound in Sao Paulo and the Centro Cultural de Sao Paulo, with support also from Mondriaan Foundation and Virtueel Platform in the Netherlands and the Arts & Humanities Research Council in the UK.

It brought together artists and designers working with media from three different countries - Brasil, the Netherlands and the United Kingdom, to discuss different ways in which collaborations across disciplinary and cultural borders can enable research and new insights into global and local ecological problems.

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The teamwork across artistic, design, scientific and technological borders which is increasingly a key part of the cultural canvas of the 21st century can bring about new insights and lead to new knowledge. But how are such investigations supported in different countries and what can we learn from consideration of models of exchange and intercultural dialogue?

Parelo provided a missing point of critical focus to explore and collectively examine an emergent field of practice which is often dispersed and disparate.

This site enabled discussion and information exchange between participants in advance of the meeting offering an important opportunity to grow ideas together before meeting. Colleagues unable to join us at the event were also invited to join the site and participate in the discussion.

THE DISCUSSION WAS WIDE RANGING - REFLECTIVE, COLLABORATIVE, enjoyable. Karla Brunets' images of a recent journey convey something of this flow

Over the next few months we will seek to further develop some of the ideas for projects emerging from Paralelo within the space of this site and beyond.

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